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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Renting a Motorcycle, Motorbike, Scooter, Car or Van in Angeles City

Q. Do I need a Philippine issued driver’s license to rent and drive one of 2MJ’s motor vehicles?

A. The renter must have an International Driver’s License. A valid foreign driver’s license (or local driver’s license) is good for driving a rented motor vehicle from “2MJ Motorbike Rental” around Angeles City, Philippines for up-to 90 days from the date of your arrival here in the Philippines.


Land Transportation Office —


East Avenue Quezon City 1100
Tel: (632)922-9061 to 66
Email:  ltombox@lto.gov.ph

Q. A friend wants to drive the motor vehicle I rented from “2MJ” – is it okay for them to …“take it for a spin”…. and drive it too?

A. No. Absolutely not!!! Only you (the renter) are permitted to drive the motor vehicle. If you do not follow this guideline and something happens such as an accident, you are pulled-over by a traffic enforcement officer or police officer then you are the one fully responsible for your friend’s actions and any penalties that may follow.

Q. I read that the “off-road” or mud-bogging is fun in the Philippines. Can I use the “2MJ” rental to go off-road or mud-bogging?

A. No. You can only use the rented Motorcycle | Motorbike | Scooter for the purpose of tourism (exploring) on clearly defined “main” roads.

If the rented vehicle (Motorcycle | Motorbike | Scooter) gets covered with mud and or dirt debris then it is your responsibility (not ours) to have it cleaned – this is NOT an option but mandatory!

Q. If the rented vehicle breaks down or is damaged — can I do the repairs myself or take it to a shop of my choosing to have the work done?

A. No. “2MJ” is the only company certified to make the necessary repairs (do not attempt to repair it yourself or take it to any other shop – only bring it back to “2MJ”)

Q. If the rented vehicle breaks down outside the Angeles City region …. am I responsible for transporting the rented vehicle back to the “2MJ” store-front location (Stall No. 72 Fields Avenue Balibago, Angeles City Philippines 2009)?

A. Yes. The renter is responsible for transporting their rental back to our store front location (Stall No. 72 Fields Avenue Balibago, Angeles City Philippines 2009) – no exceptions!

Q. Do I need to get insurance before or at the time I am renting from “2MJ”?

A. Every vehicle is insured in accordance with (current) Philippines liability however additional Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the renter.

All our vehicles (car, van, scooter, motorcycle, motorbike) have the ₱50,000 of required insurance for 3rd party damage. However, this is a small amount of insurance and pays nothing for the damage to the rented car, motorcycle, scooter, motorbike or van which (you) the renter if fully liable for under the terms of the signed rental agreement.


Official Website of the Philippines Insurance Commission http://www.insurance.gov.ph/htm/_faq.asp

Q. Do you expect me to take care of the rental from “2MJ” – I am only visiting Angeles City and want to have fun?

A. Yes. You can have lots of fun but whether you are renting a Motorcycle | Motorbike | Car | Scooter | Van — during the rental period (you) the renter must maintain their vehicle by checking:

____ Engine oil

____ Water in engine (car | Van)

____ Tire air levels

(DO NOT drive back to “2MJ” on a flat tire – Get it filled quickly)

____ Right / left side (rear and front) blinkers

____ Headlight(s)

(If any of the above is required …….please return to “2MJ” immediately so we can solve the issue rapidly).

Q. My scooter, motorbike / motorcycle, car was stolen now what?

A. You. The renter is responsible if the rented vehicle is stolen (You, the renter will be charged to replace the vehicle in cases of theft). It is highly advisable that you only park the rented Motorcycle | Motorbike | Car | Scooter in a well-lit and secure area such as in a guarded hotel or mall parking area.

Q. It is 2 O’clock in the morning and I lost my key, ran out of gas/fuel, Etc. – what should I do?

A. You. The renter is fully responsible for solving any issues such as lost key, no gas/fuel, etc. – no exceptions!

  • Lost a long motorcycle/bike/scooter key: ₱500
  • Lost a short motorcycle/bike/scooter key: ₱300
  • Lost Half-Helmet: ₱500
  • Lost Full-Helmet: ₱800

Q. What laws apply to me as a foreigner driving here in the Angeles City, Philippines area?

A. You. The renter is required to abide to Philippine traffic laws!

Many of the same driving laws (“rules of the road”) in your own country of origin are also enforced here such as:

1)  Motorcycle/motorbike/scooter drivers must wear a ‘regulation’ issued (cycle) helmet – either the one provided by “2MJ” at the time of your rental or one you purchase on your own.

2)  You cannot drink while driving or drink then drive.

3)  No sleeveless (cut-off) shirts while driving a motorbike, scooter, motorcycle here in Angeles City (this law is strictly enforced).

4)  Cannot text while driving.

5)  Seat belts are required in vans and cars.

6)  You cannot wear flip-flops or sandals while driving a motorbike, scooter, motorcycle here in Angeles City (this law is strictly enforced).

Q. Is it okay to return the rental late?

A. We charge late penalties (rates / fees) as follows:

  • Up to 2-hours late is our “grace” period.
  • 3-5 hours late is considered a half day.
  • More than 6 hours late is considered ONE FULL DAY
  • We ONLY accept rental returns during our regular business hours (Sunday through Saturday 6AM-9PM)
  • If rental is returned after our regular business hours you will be charged ONE FULL DAY

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