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Jay Perez    (“2MJ” Owner | Founder)

As 2MJ’s Chief Happiness Officer” I understand what makes each one of our customers happy varies, is very unique and personal for everyone.

Though I understand I cannot make every customer happy 100% of the time due to various situations, issues and circumstances however it is my ultimate goal and “job” to do everything in my power to ensure every “2MJ” customer is happy with our high standards for customer care.

Hearing what our customers want (details) and always working to make your experience with “2MJ” as memorable as your travels here to Angeles City.

“All of our customers are served with seamless, safe and efficient rental and transportation solutions during their travels to the Philippines. That is my personal Guarantee!” -Jay Perez – “2MJ” Owner | Founder

Renting From Us — It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Traveling long distances can be daunting & difficult tasks without having to think about other complicated aspects.

Our dedicated staff understand this and we help make renting a motorcycle | scooter | car or van for your trip here into Angeles City, Philippines easy and stress-free.

Call  +63 (917) 801-9617 or simply click on the “★Services★” or Reservations option for our easy to navigate on-line booking system.

Michelle – Director of First Impressions

The title (“Director of First Impressions) acknowledges the fact “2MJ” is aware that the “front desk employee” (receptionist)  has a crucial position in the public relations and marketing of our rental business.

Most often Michelle is the first person to interact with our customers, either face-to-face or over the telephone, the experience with the “Director of First Impressions” reflects upon “2MJ’s” whole company.

Paul – Vehicle Curator

Any good to great Angeles City based rental company is one with a solid reputation for dependability, integrity, ethical business practices, affordable, clean and well-maintained vehicles whether they be a motorcycle | scooter | car | motorbike or van.

With Paul on our team it is a “breath of fresh air” for all our customers due the fact he has a keen eye for detail to the maintenance of all our vehicles ensuring they are clean (inside and out) comfortable and run smoothly for the duration of your rental time.

His attention to making your comfort one of the highlights of renting from “2MJ” is a vital role here in our company. He makes certain that the free Wi-Fi (hotspot) and the charging outlets for your electronic devices that are installed inside our airport pick-up and drop-off vehicles are all in great working order.

Allan – Guests Tech Executive

Step inside the “2MJ” rental office and you will also discover they offer more than “only” renting vehicles and this is where tech expert Allan comes into the picture.

His dedication and experience in the field of “tech knowledge” make “2MJ” a reliable source in Angeles City for those needing immediate (24-hour a day) tech (computer) related services rendered whether you want to “get online” | print | copy a document or fax

Once inside the “2MJ” internet Café he gives each guest personal recognition and with unwavering patience works 

with you answering any and all questions to ensure your use of our computers | printers | copier or fax machine is smooth and hassle-free.

He responds quickly to your technical needs and he (along with all our other staff members) are very aware of the best places to eat, dine and sleep (and gives you detailed directions to each place). You too will quickly find all the “2MJ” staff take care to listen to your needs in great detail and are very friendly.

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